Lower Your Blood Pressure within 10 Minutes Using These 9 Natural ways

1.Massage the neck and ears

It has been found that there are 3 spots on your head and neck which help in lowering blood pressure in a matter of minutes: These are:

The first point can be found behind your earlobe. After locating it then draw an imaginary line down towards the center of your collarbone which is where the second point is located. Now begin gently using your fingers to massage your neck with soft up and down movements along this line. Do this 10 times on both sides of your neck.


The third point

The third and last point is located on your face at earlobe height about ½ cm from the ear. Use your fingertips to massage these spots in a counter-clockwise circular movement for about a minute.

By massaging these three spots proper blood flow is restored to your brain and you will also be relieved of the tension in your neck muscles.

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