How to treat skin allergy at home?

Affectability is a condition of concoction change brought about by introduction to outer or interior impacts that lead to skin rash, rankles, bubbles, skin ulcers, tingling or different manifestations relying upon where the impact happens. There are numerous characteristic plans for treating skin hypersensitivities that you can do at home including:

Oats :

Oats prevent the secretion of inflammatory factors that cause skin allergies and reduce the itching caused by allergies. Grind two cups of oatmeal in the blender to make a fine powder, add a quarter cup of baking soda and store in a dry place and place in water. Or mix a mixture of water with water to make a paste and put it directly on the affected areas.

What causes skin color change?

The black grain with honey

Eat black grain with honey as much as a tablespoon.                                                                                                         Grease sensitive areas of black seed oil.

– Lemon :

Lemon contains anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory properties to reduce itching. Add lemon juice to the area where itching and leave it to dry. Provides an immediate treatment for skin allergies.

– Basil :

Contains a high amount of eugenol and is used as a topical anesthetic. Place half a cup of dried basil in a bowl of boiling water and leave to cool with a clean cloth and apply to the place of injury.

Skin ulcers caused by stress … a large burden of disease

Some drinks :

Boil the jujube and barley in equal parts and drink like honey. Press some green coriander, mix it with honey and drink it twice a day.

– Steam :

Place a little boiled water in a bowl and bend a towel over your head and then inhaled deeply through your nose for 10-15 minutes. You can add a little green tea or peppermint leaves to the water.


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