Risks of using make-up on children’s health


Many young people try to impersonate their mothers in make-up, without the fact that cosmetics and cosmetic agents pose a danger to the safety of children and cause damage to the skin and skin.

Dermatologists show that the use of beauty care products poses a real danger to the skin and skin of young people.

Damage to make-up for children

– Early Aging:

The use of cosmetics for children, for long periods of time, shows signs of premature aging on the skin, such as wrinkles, or spots on the face and body, to contain cosmetics on chemicals.

– acne:

The use of make-up at an early age caused the development of the skin. Like the skin, like some other individuals of the body, needs to be inhaled and grow, so the widespread cosmetics will hinder the pores of the skin, leading to the arrangement of clogged pores and dermatitis.

– skin Sensitivity:

Many cosmetics contain a chemical preservative called paraben, to prevent the growth of bacteria in cosmetics, but these substances interact with the skin, causing allergies, which cause a skin rash, irritation of the skin.

– Eye infections:

The eye and the surrounding area are the most sensitive places in the face. When eye makeup leaks, this causes irritation. The use of kohl and mascara prevents the growth of eyelashes.

– Headache:

It is known that many beauty products share the use of preservative chemicals, microbes, cause headaches, irritation of mucous membranes, and eye damage


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