How to keep your body lean


A person should keep fit through exercises, such as high-intensity exercises, which help burn fat in the body during relatively short periods, preferably exercise strength exercises to build muscle, and two to three times a week.

Attention to diet

The person must take care of the way he ate and the nature of his diet so as to maintain his body agility, as he can reduce 500 calories daily, and can reduce the amount of fat that he ate, in addition to the possibility of dividing daily meals to three meals and two meals, On fruits and sources of fat-free proteins.

Nutrition suggestions to maintain fitness

There are some nutritional suggestions that can be addressed in order to maintain fitness, including the following:

1-Oatmeal: It contains high-nutrient nutrients, as well as fibers that help in digestion and relieve swelling in the abdomen, and helps to feel full for a good period.

2-Green vegetables: such as broccoli and spinach, where they contain many health benefits.

3-Apple: where it contains fiber, promotes metabolism and contributes to the fat-burning process. Healthy fats: They help to burn unhealthy fats.

4-Drink water in sufficient quantities: so as to maintain body hydration, help burn fat. Olive oil: It contains a lot of nutrients. Fatty Fish: It contains omega-3 which stimulates fat burning.

Other tips to keep fit

There are some other tips that can be followed in order to maintain the fitness of the body, including the following:

Start with easy habits, such as: taking care of fruit, walking, or drinking enough water. Commitment to healthy habits for a period of time in order to reach the desired result.
Usually replacing binge eating and eating more with healthier and useful lifestyles. Join social activities like jogging clubs, or do some activities with coworkers.


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