For women only … So obesity affects intimacy!

Obesity leads to many diseases that negatively affect human health and safety, especially as obesity leads to sexual weakness and feeling cold in women, which threatens the marital relationship to collapse.

Effect of obesity on sexual ability

High sexual ability and obesity do not come together. Obese women may develop erectile dysfunction due to diabetes that affects most obese people. We note that the sexual process depends on two main factors: women’s confidence in themselves and their functioning because weight loss will increase women’s confidence in their abilities, which greatly affects their activity and movement as a result of satisfaction form and consistency of the body.

Obesity leads to coldness in the relationship

In the case of obesity, the duo may have to take certain positions to make the process intimate, limiting the enjoyment and expression of mutual love.

The problem of obesity in women causes sexual cold, in addition to the husband’s reluctance to intimacy because of the possibility of some fungal infections and the emission of unpleasant odors of the skin, which leads to loss of confidence of the woman and thus the lack of relationship between the parties.

Obesity leads to infertility in women

There is a close relationship between obesity and infertility in women after marriage, especially obesity in the abdomen and buttocks where there is an increase in the accumulation of fat around the ovary channel and the tube, which affects the process of ovulation and reproduction.

Obesity has a significant impact on the sexual side of women clearly because increasing the proportion of fat in areas of the body lead to a lack of blood flow regularly and flow into the genital areas of women.


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