Everything you need to know about era disease that affects millions

Ob-a.com addresses the issue of depression. He dealt with everything related to the disease of the age which affects hundreds of millions.

300 million disease

Depression affects at least 300 million people worldwide. It is not cruelty imposed on oneself. It is a mood disorder that affects feeling and thinking

Many causes prevent the treatment of depressed people may be the most common feeling of shame or stigma and many do not aware of its symptoms, and therefore do not realize their injury.

Women in the Middle East

Studies have found that Middle Eastern women are more likely than men to be depressed around the world. The statistics behind the Eastern traditions and the lack of economic independence of women in addition to blaming the responsibility of the home on them, even if a woman working.

Is your business depressed?

Life without work is an unbearable burden. But what if your job caused your depression? Various studies have revealed that the list of jobs subjected to mental disorder and depression varies according to geographical, climatic, social and economic factors. Now occupying first place are those jobs where the employee is increasingly seeing his work at stake because of technology.

Even journalists, especially those in conflict zones, are at risk of depression, especially after seeing or experiencing painful experiences.

Then there are entrepreneurs who put themselves at greater risk of depression following the trauma of failure in that or this experience after investing their money and time.

Depression in the Dome of the Pyramid

Depression does not exclude anyone. Some world leaders themselves struggled with the disease while making decisions that changed the course of history. From Abraham Lincoln to Wisconsin Churchill, who led Britain to victory in World War II despite suffering mental strikes for much of his life.

What about the geniuses who paid depression a tax for their art and thought such as Van Gogh, who was likely some depression and mania symptoms led him to paint the most beautiful paintings. Even the godfather of psychoanalytical science, Sigmund Freud, suffered psychological disorders and anxiety attacks he could not cure.

Medicine .. disease?

Antidepressant medication is one way to deal with the disease along with behavioral therapy and dialogue. But with most depression medications approaching the expiration of patents, any manufacturer can afford them cheaply, which could lead to an unprecedented spread of depressive drugs with serious side effects and social implications.

But specialists have begun to look beyond traditional treatments to different treatments, such as movement therapy and mental exercise.

Happy people .. Depressed people

The problem of depression is not confined to the individual but has become a matter that countries have had to intervene to solve it. Algeria and South Korea have begun to study ways to delight their people in trying to avoid the calamities of the high rates of depression that lead to suicide and indirectly affect the economy.

The solution does not lie in a magic formula as much as a human factor centered around a social safety net. 16 Just ask the Scandinavians.



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