5 Unknown monsters live on our planet ..some creatures you have not seen before !!!

There is a vast number of creature and stranger beings or this eath, some of the three creatures have become extinct while some of them still exist among us, but there are some creatures which man could not describe or determine what it is
1) The Malibu “the brain sucker Africa has some mysterious the and the diversity in animals in addition to its magnificent natural views, thesis in addition to what is told by amazing stories about strong monsters, and this the original people sow this ,creatures has its place in a river close to the mountains of southern Africa and some f the people who tried to cross the river were attached
For his physical characters, witnesses say 20 meters long, and it has a crocodile skin

2)the monster of the Bahamas in 2005 an underwater photographer works closet blue hole in the Bahamas this diver saved he was attacked by an octopus which is at least is meters long this diver could not describe this grant creature ,but it does reflect the inhabitants of the region about a living monsters in Atlantic ocean and is called lucica some times some describe it as or giant octopus ,but sometimes it is mentioned that the characteristics of the snake or snack

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